What We Do

Relocation Services

As an award-winning company with recognition from the Employee Relocation Council and European Relocation Association, we provide world-class destination services to expatriates relocating to India.

We have offices across the country and offer our services to expat transferees as well as their families from pre-arrival to repatriation.

Academy Services

As a leading intercultural service provider, we offer customised training programmes on business topics – from cultural sensitization and business communication to workplace behaviour and leadership coaching.

Our Founder and CEO, Ranjini Manian is a sought-after keynote speaker at business and leadership conferences.

Publishing Services

We consider our cultural publishing service as a call of duty, and work on providing extensive and curated information on India.

Culturama, the only free Indian cultural magazine for expatriates, our website, Culturama.in and other unique publications are your gateway to understanding India.

Realty Services

We bring two decades of relocation expertise and business networks to the Indian market, with our realty division.

We facilitate buying, selling and renting of properties for individuals as well as corporations. We also offer property and facility management services and end-to-end accommodation support.

Facility Management Services

Based on two decades of serving expatriates and returning Indians at MNCs, we understood the need for quality services in after care and day to day Facility Management. Global Adjustments Facility care is the result of this felt need for a long term solution for top quality Facility Management offerings. Drawing on our mantra of high quality and on-time service while helping FDI succeed in India, this division offers expert solutions in managing and maintaining a client’s property and workspace.